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Welcome to kennel Jaroslav!


We are Carina and Stefan Arnberg, a couple that more than 30 years ago did something that has shaped our lives, we bought our first Borzoi! One that first year, another one the year after and then another one... We can see this in not unusual, Borzois are quite addictive! Carina had experience from sighthounds, a Saluki and a Whippet form her childhood, and had also tried showing before, for Stefan this was new, but he soon became an enthusiast. Looking back we can see that a big part of our social life has started ringside, so many good friends has been made there!


Our first dogs were males, but in 1990 we got the chance to take over INTUCH NOUCH SUCH Majorow's Iriada. She was the half-sister to our SUCH Majorow's Jaroslav Jirij, and with these two we had so much fun! Iriada became the Borzoi Of The Year in 1992, and with such a beautiful bitch we felt we had the obligation to breed, and she was the dame of our two first litters.


When it comes to the breeding we just want to surround ourselves with a number of dogs that we feel comfortable with, and to have a couple of dogs that enables us to go to shows with a small hope of a good placing, just for the excitement! Sometimes we have found these dogs with other breeders, and sometimes we feel we have something special in one of our own dogs and have a litter of puppies.



SUCH Majorow's Jaroslav Jirij & INT, NUCH, SUCH Majorow's Iriada


Since 2000 we are living on an old farm with sifficient space for us and our animals. Besides the Borzois we have a pug, (we had a fling with pugs which resulted in two litters) a cat and chickens. We have fenced most of the plot for the dogs to run, and we also have special rooms for them, one customized for puppies, but since our now adult children has moved out they spend most of the time with us in our house.


The fact that we do have space and time gives us the opportunity to keep more than one puppy in the few litters we breed, but there are occasionally some puppies available, see our Puppies page! Older dogs are rarely available, the dogs we keep as a rule stay with the pack wether they become showstars or not, there are so many other qualities to these noble and aristocratic dogs that we appreciate!


If you have not yet found what the Borzois are all about, please visit Borzoi-Ringens webpage for more info!

C.I.B NORDUCH NV-10 J Dusty Diamond

Puppies of E-litter paying a visit to uncle SE UCH J Dandy Daydreamer.

Part of the yard.

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Carina & Stefan Arnberg

Borlänge, Sweden

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